As an author what do I believe in?

I was recently asked a very good question. The question was, as a writer what do you believe in or stand for?

Excellent question. As a writer I tend to write from a very dark place. As a kid I suffered at the hands of bullies more times than I care to remember, but those memories are still locked up as are the highly charged emotions attached to those memories and each time those memories surface it’s like reliving it all again in slow motion. I tend to look back to the past an awful lot and say to myself “if i only knew then what I know now, you bastards wouldn’t stand a chance,” and those memories of the violence and bullying are themes that run throughout my books, there’s a definite anti bullying message in there. If you read the books you will see the victims getting their revenge and then being consumed by the rage they feel that they have to keep punishing people for what others have done to them. And I guess in a way, it’s what happened to me many years ago, I went looking for my vengeance and found it and delivered a swift beating to the guys that had tortured me for years, but after that I was so full of anger and pain that I lashed out at anyone who I perceived as a threat and it spiralled out of control where I was fighting everyday in school getting suspended and so on.

So those memories fuel my writing, and the theme that keeps reoccurring is bullies always meet their match in the end, they always get what’s coming to them. No matter how hard or tough you think you are, there’s always gonna be someone who’s harder and tougher.I stand up for the little guy, I believe in living life without living in fear and it’s something I believe in very strongly.

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