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As I sit here at my computer to write this post, the wind is howling and the rain is torrential. I just hope that we’re not in the path of another storm which would be the tenth storm Ireland has endured in the past two months.
I was going to keep this blog dedicated to writing, but I was amazed by just how blogs are out there on the writing subject, so not to become another brick in the wall so to speak, I am going to write this blog about things that are of interest to me like martial arts, the paranormal, the occult and of course a little bit about writing.
Writing is a funny business. There are times when you absolutely love it and times when you totally hate it. This love hate relationship with the craft of writing seems to curse most writers. When we’re are in our zone, when the words are flying from our fingers onto the screen, we tend to love what we do, but when we become blocked, oh boy that’s when things really go awry. I have suffered writers block over the years and it took close to a year for me to finally overcome it to finish The Devil and the Awesome Four part two. That book took so long to write because I was worried about making it live to the first instalment which took me less than six months to write. Why did I suffer writers block? the answer is easy. I was striving for perfection too much instead of just letting the words flow rather than forcing myself to write them. I learned the hard way that the best way to write is to just get the words down as quickly as you can and complete the first draft as fast as possible, then you can worry about editing once the basic novel is complete.
I have read so many blogs on writers block that I have lost count and their advice goes from the useful to the down right laughable.
I recently discovered that I am what’s known as a seat of the pants writer. Which in simple terms means that I write without any form of outlining or preparation. I just write the title of the story and build the story around the title. I prefer writing like this as it gives my imagination more freedom to conjure up the monsters and demons that the story entails. My books are short stories based around the four main characters that I will be writing about in future posts, and their battles with evil. If I had to outline their stories, it would not be the same. I love the feeling of envisioning in my minds eye the monsters and villains they come up against, and once I create this kind of cinematic view my fingers just hit the keys and I describe exactly what’s going on in the movie I am watching in my head. When I wrote the first book of the Awesome Four series, I used to write for between eight and ten hours a day, and I loved each and every second of the experience, but when it came time to write the second book it was like suffering from stage fright. I found it very difficult write. Over a year I wrote in dribs and drabs and for some strange reason didn’t enjoy the writing at all compared to fire in the belly I had writing the first. It came down to fear, plain and simple. the fear of not being able to make this book as good as the last and it rattled my cage. Now I am beginning to write part three and I want this one to be the best of them all, but this time I am going to write like I did with the first book and just let rip and see what happens. Never ever strive to be perfect in your writing. there is no such thing as a perfect book, no matter how hard you try, there will always be someone out there to find fault with your writing. Even Stephen King and James Patterson come under some serious scrutiny and these a re the big names in the writing business. Before you even think about writing, first grow a very thick skin and learn to take criticism with a pinch of salt. You can’t please everyone so don’t even waste your time trying. People have an opinion no matter what you do, and opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

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