Who do I write for

When I sit down to write, I always ask myself one very important question. “Who am I writing for, and what benefits will they receive reading my work?” This is an easy question, but the answer is difficult. It depends on the genre I am writing in. If I am writing in the self defence genre for example then my work will be tailored to those who want to learn to defend themselves without enrolling in expensive classes and waiting years to develop their skills, but when I write my fiction then I have another ideal reader in mind. My fiction is classed as new adult fiction which is a step above young adult with the age range of 18-30 year olds looking for a form of escapism and a story that is going to keep them entertained. This is how I write, I don’t write for me, I write from the point of view of the reader which is vitally important. I make the stories about you. This formula works well because when I focus on you the reader, the stories just seem to write themselves and as a reviewer has stated, that with my writing everyone can find something to relate to in their own unique way and that makes the reading experience more personal and enjoyable.

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