As well as being a writer

Apart from being a writer, I am also a serious Martial Artist. The picture above is of me receiving my Founders certificate from the World International Martial arts Association and Organization in recognition of my system that I called the Sabre Defense System and it is now officially recognized as a reality based self defense system. As I was informed by the head coaches and trainers my system falls into the category of Urban Combative, which means its designed specifically for the streets. I am hoping to have a youtube channel up and running shortly that will be an introduction to the Sabre System.

Ironically as an end note, when I named the system the Sabre System I didn’t know what the word Sabre even meant until I searched. It was an added bonus 🙂 the word Sabre is derived from the Hungarian word Szablaya which means to Strike down or to Cut down so an aptly chosen name I think.

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