Fight to write

I have always loved fiction, ever since reading Stephen King’s ‘Salems’ Lot when I was just a kid. My imagination was always over active and writing my own stories was something that just came naturally. though i must admit there were times in my early days of story telling that I struggled to get even one page written, as most author’s sometimes do at times,  but I kept on going and eventually found my niche of New adult Fiction. You see, people are under the impression that The Devil and the Awesome Four were written by an adult, something that could not be farther from the truth. Those stories were written by a teenager with a highly over active imagination and though they contain some graphic scenes and some Adult content, they were written by me between the ages of Ten and Seventeen, which a lot of people seem to find hard to believe but it’s true.

I found writing a great form of escapism and entertainment, not knowing where my imagination was going to take me next or what kind of maniac it was going to conjure up. I used to sit in my Mom’s kitchen and just write for hours and hours. One night I started to write and the clock showed it was 6:30 pm. I continued to write and for what seemed like minutes I glanced up at the clock and it 1:00 am. Wow the time just flew by and the story I had written just seemed to write itself so effortlessly, but the time  lapse was incredible, for what seemed to me to only be mere minutes was six and a half hours later. World War III could have been raging outside and I don’t think I would have been fazed one bit. It’s like a form of hypnosis if you like where you get so caught up in the story taking place inside your head that you block out the real world, and in your imagination time has no meaning what so ever. Each time I write now, I try so hard to get back into that frame of mind but as you get older if you don’t keep practicing those skills they just seem to vanish over time, like my martial arts training. I used train every single day regardless of weather conditions, and I done it for 15 years straight. i was super fit, ultra flexible then disaster hit me when i was struck down with depression at a very young age, and it was at that moment that my zest for life was zapped right out of me, and of course my training faded into a distant memory and my flexibility and stamina quickly receded into history. Though I am now back training and slowly getting back into my routines, I quickly found that the skills I had all those years ago like the super flexibility and fitness diminished and it is now a struggle to get them back, but I am making progress. my writing is the same. I neglected to keep my skills sharp and they also diminished, but I am writing and getting back my edge again after so long being drained of life and interest in my old hobbies. I am going to claw my back into what I used to be in both writing and Martial arts and I am determined to win at all costs. You can count me down, but never count me out 😉

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