Lost passions return

I was sitting around bored out of my mind recently when for some reason my interest in playing music came back. I used to play Drums in my younger days and even ended up in a few bands over the years becoming semi-pro. Now I have a keen interest in learning to play the guitar just for my own enjoyment. I’ve messed around with the guitar before just for fun and learned quite a lot but now it seems that passion for playing has come back with a vengeance. A lot of people find playing the guitar a daunting task because it looks so formidable, but once you learn the basics as with anything practice makes perfect. Another reason I like the Guitar so much (I love my hard rock and Metal) is that they are a lot cheaper to maintain compared to the drums which used to cost me a fortune on heads, sticks etc at least with the guitar it’s just a few Euro for a set of strings or to replace a pickup. I just wish my passion for writing would return with as much gusto as my interest in music 🙂

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