Making people sick. Oops :-)

A young woman decided to have a read of my book the Devil and the Awesome Four, and ended up regretting it. She was reading a chapter called the Chainsaw madman about a deranged lumber jack named Harry Gordon who is tricked by the Devi l into selling his soul in  return for immortality and so on so on. in this story, Harry decapitates his ex wife’s lover in a fit of jealous uncontrollable rage. Now this scene in quite descriptive, perhaps a little too descriptive as the poor woman reading it found out. When it got to the part where the chainsaw slices off the guy’s head, she turned pale, gave a little startled yelp dropped the book, ran to the bathroom and puked 🙂

I felt a little guilty, not realising that she was of a nervous disposition, but at the same time I was smiling inside. I realized that if my writing can invoke that kind of reaction in this lady, then I must be doing something right in my story telling abilities. Now, having said that, I never took my writing too seriously, because I tried to tone down the horror a little by adding little bits of sarcasm and humor but in this case I didn’t tone it down enough. But it was an amazing thing to witness, just how mere words can invoke reactions in people is astounding.

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