Too outline or not to outline that is the question?

I have recently read an article that was completely against outlining your novel. I have to agree with what was said. As writers it is our job to create, to write about worlds and characters that exist only in our own imagination. I myself write completely on impulse, I get an idea and I run with it. I enjoy the writing process more when I don’t know where the story is going to take me, which is more exciting than writing from a pre-outlined story. when you don’t know what kind of arc your story is going to take or what the characters are going to do, then you can have more fun with your creativity, as opposed to writing from a prearranged script. Character one does this, this scene comes next and character two is in the Café reading the New York Times. How bloody boring is that kind  of writing? if I  had to write like that, I would soon lose the will to live. When I am excited about a story line and the words are just flying onto the page I will not stop until it is finished, that’s how I wrote the Awesome Four one and two, I just took an idea and ran with it. Stephen King is exactly the same, he just starts working with an idea and keeps on going.

I know there are Authors out there who outline every last detail of their work before they even consider beginning their writing. Fair enough, each to their  own. Being spontaneous is half the fun of writing. For example the book I am working on for this years NanoWriMo, is being completely written on impulse, no outline or anything I’m just running with an idea and let it lead me where it may but so far so good. Even if I don’t meet the challenge this time around I will have a new book next year which is cool 🙂 so do I believe in outlining? For me the answer is no, but that’s just me. Like I already stated I work on impulse and that way works great for me and I am not going to change that. Try both ways and find out which one you are most comfortable with, if you find outlining is the way to go then good for you.

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