Trolls and having the right attitude

I think that writers are some of the bravest of people on the face of the planet. We put our work out there into the world knowing that we can be persecuted, ridiculed and trashed by so called reviewers and critics. We spend hours and even years putting our words on paper and as soon as we hit the publish button, we do so with our fingers crossed and a silent prayer to the powers that be that we won’t be targeted by trolls or vicious reviewers.

I have had people trash me on amazon and obviously they didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, and could not even describe the book properly which made me laugh to be  honest. As authors we need to grow a very thick skin and learn to ignore these morons who just trash peoples work out of pure jealousy and a certain amount of inferiority complex, that we have written something they wish they had written themselves. Well tough! We write the best books we can for our readers, and at the end of the day it is their opinions that matter the most. They are the ones who are fans of our work and it is they and they alone that keep writers like us doing what we do. When it comes to trolling and bullying and believe it or not a lot of authors who failed are the culprits behind most of the rubbish comments and reviews, what separates the novice from the pros is our ability to rise above it all and ignore these fools. We know better than to lower ourselves to their pathetic level and so we choose to not to respond to hurtful remarks.

At the end  of the day, they are only hurting themselves and their own reputations. Say for example they eventually write a decent book, how do you think they will do when it becomes known that they were involved in disrespecting other peoples work? Not very well I would imagine. Nobody likes a jealous begrudging a**hole so do not become one. If someone does trash your book online do not respond to them, it is exactly what they want you to do. Simply ignore them delete the comment if you can and move on. What happens online stays online, and the last thing you need as a writer is to have a trail of vicious comments in retaliation to some fools taunts and remarks. They can have multiple user names online and more than likely a whole lot of followers who more than likely are just as pathetic as the person they are following, but to get back to the point, when you retaliate against a troll you are leaving a paper trail online, and eventually your comments will come to the surface and who do you think  is going to suffer for this pointless bickering? You of course, so don’t be a fool and ignore spiteful hurtful comments or it will be your book sales and reputation that will be in ruins while Mr or Mrs troll goes off laughing to find the next victim. Be a pro at all times, we are the bigger person at the end of the day when we choose to ignore an rise above it all.

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