Why are people so against blogging?

I have read so many posts on the net that left me a a little confused to say the least, and the subject matter was the art of Blogging. So many people despise it and I was shocked at just how many there were. Their argument was Blogging is a complete waste of time because you will never generate the kind of following you need, or time spent Blogging is time that could be better off spent writing and that Blogging takes up too much valuable time. Even agents and Publishers require that an Author have a substantial platform in place before they even consider to read their work, so what’s a writer to do? I personally have Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google + accounts, my website and this Blog which I really enjoy posting too every now and again when I’ve got something useful to say, now i don’t have a major following on these social media sites but like I was advised to do I had no choice if I wanted to build my platform. Do I find them a time drain? Sure I do but I realize that it’s a necessary evil, how else do I find people who might enjoy reading my books. I have to be active in my search for potential readers and if I just sit around waiting to be discovered and having the reviews roll in I’m afraid I would have a very long wait indeed.

Although there are times that I absolutely hate writing and writing another post on this Blog makes me want to scream, I still do it because I know I have to keep adding post after post to build up a fairly decent blog roll. Even though my Blog doesn’t have any real direction, just posts about the things that I really enjoy and the hobbies that interest me the most, I don’t care about direction as long as I can share my passions with others. Do I think Blogging should be killed off and labeled as the Devil’s work and that it should be forever banished from our lives? Of course not. I think Blogs are a great way to meet people of similar interests and also to give yourself an online presence, that will hopefully bring people into your blog and then onto your website and from there hopefully to Amazon where they can buy your books. So it’s all beneficial in the end, creating a trail for people to follow so to speak, people come to your blog and see that you’re also on Twitter and from there to Facebook and so on. I have nothing against Blogging what so ever and think it’s a great way to get yourself noticed but as the Agents and Publishers say you need a platform, and why not start with a blog to get the ball rolling and slowly build out from there.

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