Writers block is a pain

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about self doubt. I guess the reason that I wrote that post was because I was struggling with my writing doubting my own writing abilities, and I think it’s because writing is no longer fun. I remember there was a time you could not stop me from writing because I had a passion for telling stories and would write for hours. Lately though I’m finding it so hard to even write a single paragraph because it feels like another meaningless chore and I just do not know why it is happening. I’ve already written two novels and three poetry books so you would think that writing for me would be as easy as making a cup of coffee, that the stories should just fly out of me, but alas it is not to be. I sit down at my computer open up the document with the intention of continuing the stories I had started and it’s like I freeze, that the well of words suddenly runs dry. This has happened a lot lately and I’m really getting tired of it, I’ve tried everything from changing the genre I usually write in which is new adult fiction, I’ve even scrapped the outlines I had in place hoping that a fresh page would somehow jump start the writing process again.

Why is this happening now? that is the question that I keep asking myself, and there’s no answer unfortunately. Hell maybe I was never meant to be a writer, if I were then I would have no problem writing, no problem with finding new story lines, at the moment I can’t even find the spark I once had the ignited my passion for story telling. That once raging inferno has become nothing more than a smoldering pile of ash and it is disheartening, knowing that there are so many stories left in me but the passion for the writing has just become dormant. I am just hoping that it is temporary and like a sleeping volcano one day it will  wake up and fill me the fire and passion to finish what I started. Until that happens there is no way I can finish the last book of my trilogy any time soon…

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