The face of evil

I was glued to my TV screen yesterday as the news of the horrible events that took place in Manchester on Monday night was breaking. It was a barbaric, cowardly act of needless violence against innocent children. The so called Islamic State has claimed responsibility, as if this atrocity is something to be proud of. This man Salman Abedi has been named as the person responsible for killing 22 innocent people many of which were children the youngest only 8 years old.  Fears are rising that another attack could occur at any time and that Britain has gone from severe alert to critical, and I think the rest of Europe should take the same measures as it is just a matter of time before they strike again. These maniacs don't care about life, they have no conscience and they are walking among us. They could even be friends, neighbors, work colleagues, they could be anyone. It scares the Hell out of me even thinking about it. They come into our countries with false names, false documentation saying they are refugees from whatever shit hole they crawled out of, and we let them in to spread their hatred? What the Hell is up with that? How many terrorists are already in our midst planing another devastating attack? They are everywhere and could be anyone, I don't know about you, but it makes me a little paranoid when I'm in a supermarket and some Islamic guy is standing next to me I wonder does this guy have a bomb strapped to him? It may sound stupid but it's beginning to happen, paranoia is setting in. Islamic State is responsible for more carnage and death that any other terrorist group that has gone before.

You hide behind your Hijabs and your burkas and you expect us to respect your right to wear them? What about the rights of those innocent children you bastards killed, what about their rights? Their right to live, to enjoy their teenage years, to grow up, fall in love and have kids of their own what about that? You took it all away in an instant, and then claim responsibility as if its something to be proud of. The pain and suffering you have caused is immeasurable. You have destroyed so many lives, ripped families apart and for what? Your deluded vision of a New world Order? I don't bloody think so. The normal people in this society and world wide will stand united and will not bow down to your acts of terror, we will not live in fear,. 



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