Designing your own book is not as difficult as people may think.

When I first started Indie publishing back in 2010 I was over whelmed at the amount of work that was involved. From writing the damn book, to editing, typesetting, cover design and E-book conversions. The list is quite substantial and I forgot to mention marketing which will be another topic for another post. the writing and editing side seemed to last forever, reading and re-reading writing re-writing and more re-reading. This goes on and on until you reach a point where you say at long last I'm happy with the book so let's publish. Don't be so hasty as I found out the hard way. We are too attached to our work and afraid to really edit and butcher what we have spent months creating and trying to edit ourselves even with the editing software that is now available to help you along, you won't catch every single type-o or grammar error so it's worth investing some time and money to get it edited and it doesn't have to cost a fortune though the pros can charge upward of $2,000 - 5,000 depending on your word count, but there are people out there who will look over your manuscript for you and won't cost a small fortune. I recommend Eliza Knight, she was a tremendous help during the editing process with Volume one of the devil and the awesome four, and when we were finished with the edits man, it read like a completely different book, so check out her website and services here   

As for the typesetting of the books its pretty easy and there are tutorials galore on how to do this on youtube and quite easy to follow. I watched a few videos and have been typesetting my own books ever since. Cover design is another expense that can hit your wallet hard depending on where you go to. Cover designers can charge anywhere from $250 - 2,500 and that's for a professional looking cover, and I am sure that if you're like me you don't have that kind of money to throw away, but if you want a great cover at a silly price then head on over to and check out designsA2Z and see what he has to offer. I used this service before and I can tell you that he can create covers that you wouldn't know were so cheap. But then I got design savvy, and started using gimp. Which is a free alternative to Photoshop and just as powerful when it comes to graphics and book covers. Learning to work with createspace templates is a bit of a learning curve but once you learn how to use gimp to make your own covers, you will never look back, trust me the books you see on my home page were created using gimp, all it takes a little time and patience and believe me if I can do it so can you. That's all fine and well you might be saying, that's if I want a paperback but I want to publish on kindle as well what about converting my manuscript to Epub or mobi? How do I do it and how much will it cost? It will only cost you a little time and a little patience and if you read this book from Word to Ebook it will seriously help you on your way. i will be making a short video explaining the E-book conversion process shortly so keep a look out here as i will be posting it here first. The process is simple and straight forward and the conversion tools you need are completely free to download which is good to hear, and I am considering a video showing you how to use gimp to create your own book covers. So stay tuned :-)

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