Clearing up a little misconception.

Some people are under the impression that the devil and the awesome four series was written by me as an adult, this is completely wrong. Those stories were written by me when I was in my teens. The only thing that I done to the stories was to have them edited and Indie published them. So from the age of 11 - 17 is when the stories were written, I enjoyed the way that they read and only needed a little re-writing here and there to polish them up. I really enjoyed writing back then and would look for any excuse to put pen to paper even if it meant saying to hell with homework, I've got better things to do, and so I would sit for hours on end just writing and so focused on what I was doing that world war 3 could be happening outside the window and I wouldn't have noticed I'd be so into the story almost in a trance. People used to think I was daft writing these long stories and often wondered what pleasure could I possibly get from writing? A lot of pleasure actually if you must know the truth. There was nothing I enjoyed more than picking up my pen and setting that first word on paper, it was like the beginning of a movie, and my imagination was the Cinema. That's what it was like for me, sitting there with this movie running through my mind and I was just transcribing to paper what I saw in my minds eye. To be honest, I don't even know how I came up with the title of The Devil and the Awesome Four it just came to me one night out of the blue as did the names of the characters for what ever unknown reason it just happened. And for almost six years I wrote about them and their adventures to the tune of roughly 650 - 700 stories by the time I was done, and of course as the years go by things become misplaced and that's exactly what happened when my parents decided to move house and most of my stories were lost forever never to be seen or read again, except for the few that I re-discovered  and turned into parts one and two of the awesome four trilogy. When I think about the countless hours I spent creating those stories to have them simply disappear was disappointing but that's the way life goes I guess. So now with part three, I am struggling to complete it as the well of ideas is dried up at the moment but as I know all to well from experience, that the inspiration can happen at any time and anywhere and when it does I'm going to be ready to send the Awesome four out  in a blaze of glory..

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