Get ready for the final Awesome four book

Finally after months of frustration and writers block, I have settled on the title for the final set of adventures for the Awesome four. I returned to my old way of writing which is to come up with at least 20 to 40 titles and just pick 15 to work with. Some people write their stories first then give them a title but I prefer to come up with a title and build my story around that. I just wish I could have done it sooner but battling with depression left me drained both emotionally and physically that even trying to write made me sick, but thankfully that dark cloud has lifted and I'm ready to finish what I started back in 2008 and it has been a long time coming. All any writer can do is write the best work they can and I am going to do the same as I really believe that the characters i have created deserve to go out in a blaze of glory and with the titles I have lined up, that is going to be a reality pretty soon. I am hoping to have the manuscript finished by August and have it edited and published for Halloween at least that's the plan, but as we all know things never really go according to plan but I am going to  make a damn good effort to meet that target come what may. I will be updating my progress here on a daily basis just to let you know how the book is coming along and my word count so I'm looking forward to to final battle between the Devil and the Awesome four.

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