Dark humor to soften the blow

I don't take my writing too seriously. When I say seriously I mean there's a lot of dark humor thrown in and I think that's due in part to my love of the B-movie genre. Bruce Campbell in the Evil dead trilogy had a lot to do with that, one minute your scared the next your laughing, and there's a lot of that kind of style in my books, you can't have the intensity meter turned up to ten all the time because it would be too much for readers to handle and believe me I can be quite graphic when I want to be so you have to tone it down with that dark sense of humor before turning up the dials again. This kind of writing comes easily to me but it's readers like you that will be dragged along for a 60 page short story that by the time you're finished will seem like 1,060. My style of writing is simple but effective, meaning I keep to basic language nothing fancy, no big words that you can't pronounce just straight forward and to the point. I wrote these books with a certain audience in mind people from 15 - 35 who just want a good story to get them away from reality for a while, and if i can entertain them for three hours and have them wanting more then as an author I have done my job successfully. When people open the pages of my books it's like I'm reaching through the pages, grabbing them by the throat and dragging them into my world of make believe and believe me once I have you by the throat I aint letting go until the end, then you can catch your breath, but until the end you're mine :-)

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