Marketing, marketing and more marketing

Over the next few weeks I will be starting a marketing campaign for The Devil and the Awesome four volumes one and two as a build up to the release of the third and final book in October. I used to hate marketing even the mere mention of the word used to send shivers down my spine like a Stephen King novel. Well, I've come to realize, that unless you start putting your name out there how can you get people to buy your book? You can't just wait around hoping to be discovered either on Facebook, Twitter or your website, you have to actively be involved in getting the exposure your book needs to succeed. So over the next few weeks I plan on running marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and even Amazon itself with their AMS program. You have to spend money to make money right? Well these campaigns don't cost an arm and a leg but it has to be done, otherwise you will be waiting for success well into the next Century. I am both nervous and excited at the same time, due to the fact that my book will advertised on so many sites that people might get sick of seeing it and nothing will come from these campaigns. but as Del Boy would say "He who dares wins" and it's about time I took action to get things moving the direction I want them to go. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this time things will work out well. I will keep you up to date on how it progresses right here, it will either be a great triumph or the bitter taste of defeat. Only time will tell how these campaigns work out. To start things off, I will have a new book trailer out in a few days time and i will be posting it here and on my Facebook page so keep a look out for it :-)

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