For such a long time I have struggled with my mindset, focusing on too many things at the same time and having the impish voice of self doubt constantly echoing through my mind. It is only as recently as two days ago that it clicked with me. The reason I have been struggling with my projects is that lack of belief in my abilities to perform as a writer because that voice of self doubt just wouldn't shut the hell up, you know what I mean that annoying little shit that puts you down, when you say "I can do this," and that voice goes "No you can't, who are you to think you're a writer, your writing is terrible so give up now if I were you," and like fools we listen to this and take it as the truth. Why do we listen to it? I put it down to fear, being afraid of being laughed at or being told that you are a terrible writer. How do you know if don't even try? I have stopped listening to my own self doubt, and as soon as I began to believe in myself once again things began to fall into place, writing is getting easier, and I have a more positive outlook on life again and I'm even going to face one of my greatest fears soon by starting my own podcast/radio show for rockers and metal heads which is something that used to scare me before, I've always dreaded doing something like this because confidence was an issue, but now that I've changed my mindset to a positive one that voice of self doubt is nothing more than a very distant echo. You see I used to hate my voice, the way my Irish accent sounded and it used to fill me with dread and fear. But that was just the voice of self doubt which I have now conquered at long last, and you can do the same, just change the way you see yourself, have a positive attitude and the reset will fall into place for you slowly but surely. Trust me if I can beat this thing anyone can, be confident, positive and life will seem a lot brighter and the world seem a lot brighter. But for that to happen you do need to change your belief system, if you go through life feeling down and out and miserable feeling like a failure then that's what life is going to give you back, misery and failure. So it's up to each and every one of us to change how we feel about ourselves, and once you make that transition from miserable and a failure to a successful and happy individual then you will soon see the world in a whole new light, but you have to want to change that's the bottom line, if you don't want to change then you will forever be a slave to your own self doubt and it will continue to keep you down. 

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