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Its been a busy week, between writing and purchasing the equipment to start my new podcast and start producing audio books but the only set back is waiting for the stuff to be delivered as it is coming from over seas with a postal service that is excruciatingly slow, but apart from that its all systems go. When you research pod casting on the internet, you would be amazed at some of the prices the equipment costs it can range from a few hundred Dollars to over a thousand which is ridiculous. The set up I am going to be using cost me less than €200 because the audio editing software can be downloaded free such as Audacity, podbean which is where I host my program only costs $14 a month with unlimited downloads. I use a dynamic microphone with XLR connections and the Behringer302 usb mixer, a desktop mic stand and pop filter, sound proofing was relatively affordable and really needed as the room I am using for recording has a bit of an echo that can be picked up by the mic and it sounds terrible, for 30 pieces of acoustic foam it cost just €40 with free shipping from China all together the entire setup set me back just €180. So don't be roped in by what you read on the web because to get started in pod casting and audio books all you need is the gear I listed, and there are hundreds of tutorials on youtube to learn about using Audacity which can be a bit awkward at first, but as with anything else practice makes perfect.

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