Update on new book

What a busy few weeks I've had, I've barely had time to catch my breath between writing and podcasting. Well I thought it was time for a quick post just to update you on the release date for the last Awesome Four book which is coming along very well and with all going to plan should be ready for editing and publication within the next three weeks, and as for the podcast I am having so much fun recording them it's unreal, you can listen to it here on the site or here at Evil Fm I grew up on heavy metal and its the only music I can listen to nothing else does it for me to be honest, and when you write the kind of fiction I write I find it quite inspiring to have some metal coming through the ol' headphones. Anyway The Devil and the Awesome Four will be coming at you real soon along with the audio versions sometime in the new year so it's going to be a busy time for the next 4-6 months at least.

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