Editing a mess

For the past week I have been busy editing the first two books of the Awesome four series using editing software called pro writing aid. My god I was dumbfounded by the amount of errors I had over looked even after having it edited by someone else. Well to cut a long story short both books are now reading great and finally I can say I'm proud to have written them. Editing is very time consuming and for volume one alone I gave it three passes first with pro writing aid, then two full read through's, and the simple mistakes I discovered made me blush to be honest, and it was my own fault for not taking the time to fully read over the work even after getting it back from the so called editor. It is a lesson learned and learnt the hard way and by god I will not be making the same mistakes again. As for the editing program pro writing aid I cannot say enough good things about it, you can click here to discover it for yourself but believe me you will not regret the small investment. Pro writing aid

On another note, I have recently finished converting my poetry books into audio books and they're sounding quite good to be honest. I never narrated anything before so it was a first time out and I don't think I done such a bad job. But as far as editing books goes regardless of how long it takes in the future, I will edit and edit until I'm finally happy with the product because if you don't take the time to do it then you are not only letting yourself down but also your future readers. I'm just sorry I didn't know about pro writing aid a lot sooner.

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