New year new goals

We are into 2018 and as usual I have new goals and challenges set for the year. But my first and foremost priority it getting myself back in shape. Once upon a time I was a heavy smoker and used to smoke nearly 60 a day which is madness but thankfully this is my fifth year being smoke free and it was not an easy battle to win but beat my addiction I did. Now I've decided to get back in shape and even began cycling every day after purchasing a new road bike, and I am hoping to be taking part in some events over the summer. For too long I have abused my body with cigarettes that it is now time to reverse the damage as much as possible and exercise like crazy, without over doing it of course, but by the summer I hope to be fit enough to compete in cycling and road running events. As another plus to exercise is a healthy mind to go with it so my creativity is coming back slowly but surely. 

I can't believe how stupid i was to even begin smoking all those years ago, but it is a lesson learned and learned the hard way, when I was in writing mode all I survived on were cigarettes and coffee, while tapping away on the keyboard, it might have been great to see the words fill page after page on the screen, but not so great for my lungs and the amount of poison i put into them. But as the saying goes I saw the light and decided to quit five years ago. At the end of the day your health is your wealth and it is the truest saying ever. I am dabbling away at my writing when I can and things a shaping up nicely with the last of the awesome four series, but my exercise comes first I have been lazy and inactive for too long that now is the time to do something about it. 2018 is a year of getting fit for me and that's a resolution that I will keep.

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