Trying to juggle multiple projects

It's been a busy few weeks for me lately. I am up the walls between writing, exercising, martial arts training and social media I haven't had time to blink. I'm not complaining however as I enjoy keeping myself busy and active, but I will have to pace myself more before I burn myself out, so I am going to have create a time table, something I have not done in years but I have to reign myself in and allocate time blocks to my hobbies and interests. Although I am having fun getting back in shape and exercising, I really do need to calm myself down a bit, once upon a time I used to run 12 miles a day and cycle 7 miles to do three hours martial arts training and 7 miles back home so that will give you an idea of the energy levels I have, and since I quit smoking 5 years ago those levels are back and man I just can't seem to burn it off no matter what I do.

It seems the more I exercise i do the more active I become I can't understand my body at all, where most people would be huffing and panting, I'm just getting started. Sometimes I see it as a blessing and other times as a curse especially when I want to sleep and my mind wants to go for a cycle? Pretty strange I know but that's the way I'm wired unfortunately with a high metabolism. So to try and slow myself down the dreaded time table or schedule has to come back into play, to balance out my interests though since I started back on my exercise routine my imagination has reawakened also which is a bonus. So today I am coming up with my schedule and tomorrow when I wake up my entire day is planned out to allow me to do the things I enjoy but within a certain time frame with writing being the second on my agenda after my 45 minutes of exercise which is usually cycling, though the way the weather is here in Ireland at the moment I'd say I'll be converting my road bike to a stationary for the time being. I wish I didn't have this over active metabolism, but it is what it is and I'm going to have to make the most of it.

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