Book Cover eureka moment

I have been busy during the week re-designing all my book covers, and I realized that I had been doing it wrong all along. I had been struggling with cover design for a while and the amount of tutorials that are available on the subject is mind blowing, with every one trying to convince you that their way is the best way. That might be true for them, but for the rest of us, it just takes something that should be relatively simple and complicates it to the point that one tutorial ran into over 90 mins and it wasn't until the end after the process was completed that he revealed that all it takes is the correct placement of the images that will give the maximum effect and I went why could you not have said that at the beginning instead of filling the video with your analytical BS and your so called secret process to book covers.

Well I gave up at that point and switched off the laptop and made a coffee, and a little while later, a light bulb went off and that Eureka moment happened. At it's essence a book cover merely depicts  what the story is about, but in my case my books are mini adventures with the same characters against the forces of evil and I was trying to convey that by using one simple full cover image that did nothing to tell what the book contained. So I read over my books again and then I wrote down the most striking details that would make a great cover. First off we have the Character of Harry Gordon the chainsaw wielding lunatic that makes life hell for our heroes, then there was a predator alien that crashes to Earth and goes on a killing spree (Nothing to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie) along with Stephanie the vampire queen and the awesome four's trusted Ford Mustang. So I took those concepts and created the book cover you see above in about two hours and when I saw the finished result, I decided what the hell may as well fix all the covers while I'm at it, so in five days I had created new covers for all my books. So all a cover is at it's core is an advertisement telling the potential buyer that this is what's inside and here's why you should read it (The blurb). Remember that in the world of Amazon you only have seconds to grab potential buyers of your book by the throat and make them look at your book first, but if your cover is only mediocre then they're going to move on to the next book that is better presented to them. You could have written the next best thing since James Patterson, but if your cover sucks what does that tell people browsing for a book like yours, it tells them that if the cover looks this bad then the writing must be the same I'm going to pass. So make your book covers as good as you can make them and believe me it is not easy, but if you take the time to learn the ropes, I use GIMP for my own covers, you will save a fortune on paying some one else to create one for you, and if you wanted to change the cover again down the line then you'll have to pay yet again to get a new cover created. At the end of the day nobody knows our books like we do, we know the stories backwards, and if you take just the bare elements of your story and choose images that match those elements then you have the beginning of your own book cover and once you learn the basics of GIMP or Photoshop then Amazon even provide you with the templates to build on so you can't go wrong, just take a deep breath and go for it, it's the only way you'll learn, and believe me once you do learn, you will have come full circle as a self publisher. Not only are you a writer, and editor, a typesetter and proofreader you are now a graphic designer as well so there's a list that you should be proud of.

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