What's in a name

My books are written for the new adult generation, and for those who don't know what new adult fiction is it's basically a step up from young adult fiction which is written fro people from age 12-18, so new adult fiction caters to those 18-30. When people see the word Author after your name I think it makes them a bit nervous about reaching out to say hello. Well, at the end of the day I'm a human being just the same as you, I live and breathe just the same as everyone else. The only difference is that I like telling stories and that's it, I'm nothing special just an ordinary everyday guy that just writes, nothing more nothing less. That tag Author at the end of my name doesn't give me any special status for God sake nor do I pretend to be something that I'm not, I'm just your average guy that wears Jeans and T-shirts  and drinks way too much coffee and Red Bull. So as I said I'm nothing special just someone who writes stories as a hobby, and drives his wife crazy listening to Iron Maiden and Cradle of filth along with my heavy metal podcast so you see just an average Joe, nothing special at all and I sure don't pretend to be either. I've written a few lousy books big deal, it's nothing more than a hobby and that's it. Do I take writing seriously? Once upon a time yes, but now it's something that I do just for fun as a way to kill time, and then I just take those stories pile them them together and publish them as a book that's it, I don't go around with the attitude that oh look at me I've written a book now I'll be rich and famous and I'll have more important people than you in life from now on I don't need you anymore. Hell no, I've got my feet firmly on the ground and my attitude toward things is I've written a book so what put it up on Amazon and let's see what happens and it either sinks or swims and F**k it after that move on to the next story. So the tag Author after my name don't mean squat just that I write stories and sell them on amazon. No big deal right :-)

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