Creative lull

Being a writer can be strange at times. There will be times you absolutely love it and times you will despise it and it becomes a cliche love hate profession, you love to see the finished book but hate writing the damn thing. This has happened to me on numerous occasions to the point I just want to catch the lap top and smash it against the wall out of sheer frustration and say "That's it I'm done with writing, to hell with it," but something keeps bringing me back to my keyboard time and time again and I can't seem to figure out what it is, and to make things worse when I eventually do sit down to write with every intention of doing so when I see half written stories and side notes it's like panic sets in and I just want to shut off the laptop and go do something else, but for some reason my ass just won't leave the chair, it's like something is telling me keep writing and this block will soon vanish you have to finish what you started. So the past few weeks I have been writing but the word counts are extremely low, around the 150 - 200 mark but at least it's something at least I'm moving forward in short bursts, compared to the 6 or 8 hour writing marathons I used to do before, and believe me I wish I could do it again and again and keep on doing it, but alas it's not to be. It feels like my well of ideas is slowly drying up, where as before my ideas would come up in bucket loads now they come up in a tin cup and for the life of me I don't know what to do? It's that love hate thing again, I'd love to finish the six more books I've got outlined but hate the thought of even trying to begin with my creativity at an all time low. I want so bad to finish the last Awesome Four book and I know how close I am to the finish line but my interest in the project is slowly waning and I don't want to give up, not when the finish line is so close. I go to bed some nights and curse myself for even starting this damn journey into the world of writing, belittling myself for believing in a dream that was too grand and too far out of reach to achieve. So what my next move is going to be I have no idea, but all I do know until this creative drought ends my backs against the wall with nowhere to turn. At least for now

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