Rush of inspiration

To say that it has been a strange week is putting it mildly to say the least. A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Creative lull in which I stated that I was suffering from writers block and getting frustrated with my work in progress, well something must've shifted my mindset because shortly after that post it was like a Dam had broken and all the ideas and story lines that were locked behind it came pouring out in flash flood of inspiration. Where once my characters voices were silent and I thought I had truly lost my creative mojo to now where my characters just won't shut the hell up and let me get to sleep some nights. This all happened last week and since then the ideas have overwhelmed me and to be honest completely by surprise, and it's something that hasn't happened to me since I began writing all those years ago where that story is like and itch you just have to scratch that is just begging you to write it, and this past week I am not writing these stories, they seem to be writing themselves and I hope this continues for a long time to come because the feeling is absolute euphoria, when you sit at your keyboard and your fingers take on a life of their own and words just appear on the screen it is the Author equivalent of a natural high and the joy of writing in general. How long this boost of inspiration will last I really can't tell but what I can tell you is I'm going to ride this massive wave until it subsides and I end up getting beached again, but the way things are going I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.

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