Social Media headache

I have read tons of books about marketing, book promotion, advertising and Social media. Each and every one of those books tell that to be a successful Author you need to have profiles on all Social media platforms and build a following. It all sounds so easy on paper, get a Twitter profile, Facebook profile, Linkdin profile, Google+, Tumblr and even youtube. Well that's all fine and well I understand that you have to build a following, but as an unknown Author it's next to impossible, and all the work that goes into maintaining and updating all those profiles is a real pain and it eats into your writing time. The one thing that I have noticed about Social media is one day you can have hundreds of followers and the next you could only have 20. I cannot for the life of me understand why this is, for example my Twitter profile had close to 10,000 followers at one stage and today I have less than 2,300 and I've no doubt that will continue to fall. What do people expect, from what I've read and been told you must tweet a minimum of 30 times a day, you must post to Facebook an average of 15 times a day and so on. What the hell are unknown Authors supposed to do? All this time spent writing posts and liking your friends holiday photos can really eat into your writing time.

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