Religious references from an Atheist? How is that even possible?

Although I am an Atheist, there are a lot of Religious references in the last book of the Awesome Four series. This final book deals with the notion of Armageddon and Satan rising to destroy the world, along with Saint Michael and the other Angels who are there to fight against the mighty armies of Hell, and side by side with the Awesome Four they will take the fight to Satan and fight to the death. Along with that, the heroes discover that there are in fact seven gateways to Hell scattered throughout the world and that other guardians such as themselves have been assigned to stop them from opening and that they too have been battling the forces of evil as our Awesome four have been all these years.

Our heroes have been the guardians of the Californian hell gate, but the other groups and hell gates are located in China, Pennsylvania, Turkmenistan, Japan, India and Naples. 

Up until yesterday morning I hadn't a clue about the seven gates but for some reason it was stuck in my mind so I researched it and the above sites are what I discovered. Now that I have the research data the next step is putting it all together into a coherent format and build it around our four guardians but also include my findings somehow. The only way that is going to happen is to step away from the keyboard for a few days and just the ideas bubble to the surface as they always seem to do, but one thing is for sure, the final book is going to be bloody gory, and I look forward to the ideas my twisted imagination is going to conjure up, just as long as it's not at three o clock in the bloody morning.


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