Why I felt frustrated for so long.

This image truly reflects what the writing life is really like, frustrating and a real headache at times. Sadly this is how I've been feeling the past few weeks on the verge of throwing my laptop against the wall and saying F**k it all this writing business is so damn hard. I remember when I was in my early teens just how simple writing came to me, it was as easy as making a cup of coffee but now it's a struggle even putting a single paragraph together and I spent ages trying to figure out why this was happening and just a few minutes a go I came up with the answer.

You see back in my younger days, I just wrote for the sheer joy of it and also as a form of escapism, but as soon as I published my first two batches of stories for some strange reason the joy went out of writing and I approached every writing session with trepidation where as before I couldn't wait to put pen to paper. I think the reason is when you're writing for fun the whole process seems to be more enjoyable and care free, but as soon as you publish your book it's like the enjoyment vampire comes and drains the joy out of something you once had a passion for. The reason my writing is suffering is because I think my mindset has changed, from writing for enjoyment of writing for profit and there in lies the problem and one that I intend to remedy by simply reverting my mindset back to write for your own enjoyment and never mind looking at your sales rank on Amazon and not seeing mediocre results. That was the trap I lured myself into with the if you build it they will come attitude or in an authors case if you write it they will read it, and as I found the hard way that's not going to happen. If a writer doesn't enjoy his or her profession then not only are they not enjoying what they're writing but their audience is not going to enjoy reading it. A writer needs to enjoy the process of creation, after all we are creating something from nothing, stories that reside in our imaginations and we owe it not only to ourselves but those people that buy our work to write the best stories that we can. So from now on I'm not focusing on writing as making a quick buck, but to enjoy writing the stories instead just as I used to all those years ago, and I find that when I'm enjoying the story that I'm writing that those who read it will too and The Devil and the Awesome Four Vol. 1 is a prime example of that. Writing stories that I enjoyed writing and the people that have read them enjoyed them and at the end of the day that's what it's all about entertaining people, but the writer must first be excited by the concept and be entertained themselves while writing it. Write for the sheer joy of the craft and never mind sales ranks or anything else, just focus on writing the best stories that you can.

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