Text to Speech

I recently started using Microsoft word's text to speech program and man did it make a huge difference to my editing. When you're sitting in front of your computer screen and editing line by line, you can get bored very easy and miss simple mistakes because you are just tired of reading your own writing over and over again. This is what happened to me while I was writing the first of the Awesome Four trilogy and although it looked fine, it was far from it. It might look alright from reading it on the screen but when you use the text to speech program and can actually hear the text being read back to you, albeit in a quite robotic female voice that takes a little getting used to, you can hear how your work actually reads. I was gobsmacked at just how all over the place my pacing was and just how many over used words were hidden in the manuscript that reading alone didn't register, so it took me a week of listening and tweaking to get the manuscript to a very presentable format for both paper back and kindle and I also changed the names of the characters as the more I listened to their names pronounced the more I hated them so they had be changed. So, for all you writers and would be writers take my advice and after reading your manuscript use the text to speech and you'll hear your mistakes better than reading them because editing is such a long boring process that your mind just wants to rush through things and in doing so you leave a ton of errors hidden in your manuscript and if you don't catch them in time then some eagle eyed reader will. I can't recommend text to speech enough and it's just another tool in your writing arsenal.

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