Why did I choose L.A. as the setting

They call Los Angeles the city of Angels, why that is I have no idea? It is a city that is steeped in a dark and sinister history, and my research uncovered many myths and legends so it seemed fitting that it would be the perfect place to base my novels in, and besides almost every disaster movie over the years had Los Angeles as ground zero, such as the classics Earthquake, the towering inferno, Volcano and the list goes on.

Apart from that, the one legend that helped make my mind up is the Legend of Turnbull canyon, the so called Devil's playground and scene of many grisly murders over the decades, I have read up on this place of mystery and violence and have read such nonsense as a Satanic cult that live within the area kidnapping unsuspecting hikers and those who dare venture into their territory and sacrifice them to the dark lord. I've also read of a Jason Voorhees type character that roams the canyon killing everyone he encounters, also you have the Cecil Hotel the most haunted hotel in America where suicides and murder were rife back in its early days, two of its most infamous guests were the so called poet of death, Austrian man Jack Unterweger and the night stalker Richard Ramirez. So it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Los Angeles became the setting for The Devil And The Awesome Four only in the books, Turnbull canyon is a gateway to Hell, one of seven scattered throughout the world. 

So, Los Angeles better watch out for another disaster is drawing ever closer and this is going to be a disaster to end all disasters. It is called Armageddon.