Is Satan Really The Evil One?

When someone says the name Satan, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You would probably think about all things negative and Evil and maybe even have a vision of a red skinned, horned headed Barbed tail demon. This is the image Christianity has instilled in us over the centuries and that Hell is where all sinners roast for eternity. This is all mere propaganda, shock tactics if you like, implied by the Church to keep their flock from straying off God's path, and to do so would damn their souls to Hell. What a load of Bull shit! When you look back through history, and really read between the lines, you will begin to see that so called Christians are responsible for more suffering and misery that any other religion in the world. 

When you go back to our pagan ancestors, who worshipped all manner of God's and Goddesses be it for a bountiful harvest or to protect their homes from illness and bad luck, or maybe to bless a new born child. They lived a joyous care free life until Christianity reared it's ugly head and the persecution began. When the Christians came to these shores, they brought with them torture and death. In order to convert the so called " Heathens" they used rape, torture, and murder to achieve their goal and in doing so many innocent men, women and children would be slaughtered, even burned alive at the stake labelled as Witches and Warlocks who were deemed to be in league with Satan himself. The only way to save yourself was to accept their God as the only God and repent for your past sins, for to reject the one God was to sign your own death warrant. Christians invented some horrendous methods of torture in order to convert pagans to Christians, such as the infamous rack, the pear of anguish, the Judas cradle, branding, the iron mask, thumb screws, the skull crusher, being hung, drawn and quartered, impalement, dismemberment and all manner of other inhumane devices, all in the name of God, and then they have the audacity to call Satan the evil one? Show me where in history, have people been slaughtered and abused in the name of Satan? Show me where in history any war was fought in the name of Satan? Show me where in history people were tortured until they surrendered to their agony and accepted Satan as their one God? The simple answer is, nowhere. Nowhere in history has Satan inflicted pain and humiliation upon us mortals, so why then is he so hated by Christians? Why then is he labelled a liar and a deceiver? The simple fact is, this is what Christianity wants you to believe to keep you enslaved to their ways and their laws, as you all probably know by now, the catholic church is nothing more than one enormous pedophile ring, and though we know this, people still believe the church can do no wrong, the wrong doers will be punished eventually. Well, when a so called man of God molests a child, and gets found out he is simply moved out of that parish and into another, where he will surely abuse more children and then he moved again and so on and so forth. Christianity is so full of bull shit it's unfathomable, for example if you were to believe the bible, then you would (like me) come to the conclusion that the whole human race is inbred. How did I draw such a conclusion? Well, we all know the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and that the Devil showed them the joys of sex, after which Eve became pregnant and gave birth to Cain and Able. And there's the problem with that story, you have Adam and Eve the mother and father along with Cain and Able the two sons, how could they possibly have kids of their own, if it were not to have intercourse with Eve? 

Doesn't make sense does it, just like Christianity does not make sense. One of the Ten Commandments says "Thou shall not kill" yet Christians are responsible for millions of deaths throughout the centuries, which is typical of Christians, they are so full of hypocrisy and contradictions that I don't think they even know what they believe in any more themselves to be honest. 

After reading all of this it seems that Satan was made the scape goat to cover up the horrendous acts of the Christians, and it is he that has been labelled as being the one to fear. Satan is innocent, Satan is the one to be adored an respected,  I am now one of his followers, I would rather follow him than be part of a religion that lies, deceives, and inflicts so much pain and torture upon the world in the name of their "God".

Shemhamforash Hail Satan. 

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