How did I come up with my characters Part one

This is a question I was asked when I launched the first of the awesome four books, and it’s a question that caught me off guard and to be honest I didn’t know how to answer it properly. Now that I’m a little more experienced and more confident in myself it’s time to answer the question.

When I started to write all those years ago, the characters of Ben Connors, Roger Ryan, Jackie Anderson and Sarah Thomas didn’t even enter my mind, or the concept for the awesome four novels, they would come soon enough though. My first attempts at writing were either complete crap, or resembled other books I had read such Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigator novels or ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King that was the novel that unlocked my imagination and I owe a lot to Mr. King for the inspiration and the courage he gave me to even attempt writing, but I didn’t mind then as I was just writing to kill time and escape from reality for a few hours, I would have been around Ten or Eleven years old at the time, long before we had the internet and YouTube and smart phones etc, I didn’t even have a typewriter or anything so all my early writing was done with good ‘ol pen and paper.

Any way I went to bed one night and in the morning, I awoke with all these damn ideas running through my mind and if I didn’t have to go to school, I would’ve put pen to paper right there and then. All day at school, my mind was ablaze with these story lines that involved these four characters and their battles against evil. The day just seemed to drag on and on until the bell sounded and I could get on the bus and get home to begin writing, the need to write was incredible like a blazing inferno inside me but I had to hold steady a while longer until my homework was done then it was show time.


I grabbed my A4 pad and a few pencils and made myself comfortable at the kitchen table and began to write. It was the most amazing feeling in the world, being lost in your own imagination creating monsters and demons, and the heroes that kicked their ass. I would write everyday from 5:30pm and write until my fingers were so sore I couldn’t hold the pen any more. I remember one night I stopped writing for a break and when I looked at the clock on the kitchen wall it was 11:00pm I was gobsmacked! Did I just write for five and a half hours? Time goes so fast when you’re in the middle of a good story and the words are just flying on to the page. When I read back over what I had written, I saw the characters names just flash in front of me I had to jot them down so I wouldn’t forget them. From the innocent plagiarisms of my first attempts, to creating monsters and characters of my own was the greatest feeling I have ever known. So, the characters of the awesome four were taking shape, but the stories were set here in Ireland and that was something I was not happy with, so a change was needed and soon.

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