How did I come up with my Characters part 2?

The stories I had created around these four characters were set here in Ireland mainly around my hometown and county, and I just wasn’t happy with that decision. I had originally intended to set the stories in Phoenix Arizona and rewrote them to accommodate this new premise and for a while I was happy, now you have to remember one thing, I have never ever been out of Ireland a day in my life, I’m just not a good traveller and suffer terrible from motion sickness, so most of the stuff I know about Phoenix I learned from TV. This went on for a while until I watched a documentary about the most haunted spots in America and Los Angeles was featured for the Cecil hotel, The Hollywood sign and the infamous Turnbull Canyon.


This set my imagination on fire and the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. This is where the four should be based, but I decided that to make things a little more interesting, that the two male protagonists should be immigrating from Ireland to the states to start their new lives, but when they meet Jackie and Sarah while out on the town, little did they know, that by their getting together would set in motion the chain of events that would lead to Armageddon.

So, I kept with this premise and it all fell into place, these characters would inadvertently become the guardians of the final gateway to Hell, one of seven scattered throughout the world and so forth. Then Satan gets involved and tries to destroy the four who still have no idea why he is targeting them and sending monstrous creations to do his bidding.



Los Angeles seemed like the ideal setting for all this to go down, and if it wasn’t for that documentary the name of which escapes me now, it was so long ago, I would most certainly still be trying to figure out where to base these stories, and as I sit here typing this post, I just remembered that it is almost 30 years ago now that I came up with these characters and stories and I’m still not done with them not by a long shot. In the next post I’ll go into how the stories came about and the inspiration behind them.

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