Who is Damon Ravenblood?

I thought that I would start this blog with a little introduction on who I am. The name Damon Ravenblood is my alter ego and it is a name that has been going through my mind for quite some time now and something deep inside me said, now is the time to begin using it, so I re-wrote my books under that name. To me it is so much more than just a pen name or alter ego, it is a name that also reflects my faith as a Theistic Satanist, something I have hidden from the world for far too long, afraid of persecution and ridicule by the Christian society, but I have overcome that fear and now, I am able to hold my head up and be proud to call myself a Satanist, a disciple of Hell and bastard son of Satan. 

The name Damon means to overpower or conquer and Ravenblood means creativity, idealism, wisdom and intuition.

I used to write under my real name, but no matter what way I spelt it, there was always someone else with the same damn name even with my middle initial, and it made getting my books noticed a real problem, so something had to be done, and a name change was in order.

Damon Ravenblood is a name in use nowhere else as far as I know and makes my social media handles so much easier to remember without having to add different variations on every platform by adding either numbers or other symbols to my name which was a real pain to be honest. Now I have an easier time with the new name and my social media accounts have now been updated to ravenbloodbooks, which I think sounds pretty good. The new name gives me a good chance of marketing the books now and nobody can take that name away from me either, as I plan to make it a more permanent name in the future, and make triple sure this time, that no one can ever take that name without committing some kind of infringement. The name Damon Ravenblood is here to stay, and hopefully become a name that people will remember for a long time to come.  

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