The God Of Pedophiles and Murderers!

I was watching the news during the week and was completely sickened by what I saw being reported. Yet more child abuse by the Catholic Church in particular the Spiritan Order and it turned my stomach. These monsters, these so-called men of God have been abusing and molesting even murdering innocent children for decades and it was all covered up, brushed under the rug. You see, here in Ireland back in those horrid days, the Church had almost total control over people and the brain washing of their sheep that flocked to their churches every Sunday to hear them preach the word of this God that is supposed to love our children? While behind it all sexual molestation was rampant, and because of the power the Church had in those times no one dared breathe a word of the atrocities being committed, for to do so would put them in bad standing with not the just the Priest's but the community in general, for to speak like that about a Priest back then was a sin in itself, the Priest's in those times had such control over people that if you saw a Priest walking on the same footpath coming towards you, you had to step off and let him have it to himself, such was the fear in these harbingers of suffering. 

Well, we all know different now don't we? I could write this post long into the new year and still not even have scratched the surface, such is the terrifying history of the Catholic Church, from the sexual abuse, mass graves of new born babies, thrown aside like they were nothing but garbage. This God that they worship, that you pathetic Christians believe in, God is right, ha, don't call this joker, this great pretender Jehovah a God, he is nothing of the kind, if he was all that powerful and caring as the Christians say he is, then why does he let his Disciples destroy innocent children's lives? Why does he allow these hypocrites to rape, torture and kill the innocent one's? Jehovah is nothing but a hypocrite himself and his so-called Commandments are nothing but a sick effing joke, and still with all this coming out in the news, people are so dumb and brain washed that they still follow this vile, despicable, bloody religion, and what the preacher tells them on a Sunday from his pulpit is the gospel truth. You go to confession, get on your knees and tell the Priest all your sins, you're confessing your sins to Pedophiles, hoping for absolution? While these sick twisted bastards are molesting our children? I just don't get it, why would you Christians continue to have faith in a Religion that destroys lives? It's completely beyond me. 

I am so glad I left that religion far behind me when I made the choice to follow the Left Hand Path and become a Disciple of Satan. You see when you look back throughout history, you will begin to see that no war has been fought in Satan's name, Satanists do not use rape, torture or murder to convert people to our religion. Christianity throughout history has been a violent, bloody, terrifying affair that has left hundreds of thousands of men, women and children dead. All in the name of the Bastard Jehovah, the one you call God? It makes my blood boil, why have faith in Jehovah when he does nothing to protect the innocent and the vulnerable in out society, as far as I'm concerned he go fuck himself, for the Left Hand Path is the only path I wish to walk on. 


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