Patrick M Cunningham's books are well on their way to becoming cult classics," that's what one reviewer has said about Patrick's books The Devil and the Awesome Four series. Another reviewer has compared his writing to, James Herbert, Shaun Hudson and Stephen King who Patrick states as one of his all time heroes and the real inspiration behind his writing.

Another reviewer has said "Patrick's books are just crying out to be made into a screen play, and that none other than Sam Raimi is the man for the job.

With accolades like this, Patrick is well on his way to achieving cult celebrity status, and he is showing no signs of slowing down, with two new short stories currently being written, and the final book in his Awesome Four trilogy due to be released early next year. When he has finished the Awesome Four series, he has plans for another two series of books, the details of which he is keeping to himself for now.