Patrick M Cunningham, began writing at the young age of Ten, and continued to write into his late teens, as a form of escapism to get away from the constant bullying he was enduring on a regular basis at school. According to Patrick, "I would just lose myself for hours in my own make-believe world, just conjuring up these stories that revolved around four main characters. By the time I reached seventeen, I accumulated around 200 hundred stories that had these four characters battling the forces of Evil with the Devil himself hunting them down sending his minions to eradicate these four heroes for the end of days is drawing near as is his chance to rise again. Unfortunately for poor 'ol Satan, nothing ever goes his way, for the Awesome Four, as I was soon to Dub them, were there to foil his every plot. Patrick bases his fiction around real life events, from people he encountered and places that had a history of being haunted, to his countless hours of online research into the occult and Satanism and how he was to become the fall guy due to Christian propaganda.

He continued to write up until he reached seventeen, then for a number of years, lost the desire to write and so abandoned his stories and banished them to attic where they remained for nearly fifteen years, before being rediscovered.

"When I rediscovered the stories many years later, I was amazed they had survived at all. So, I decided to read over them. Some of them were terrible, while others were quite good, so I decided there and then, that I was going to take the best of the stories, rework them and publish them. And so, The Devil and the Awesome Four were born."

Patrick is currently hard at work, writing the final instalment of his Awesome Four series that will be unleashed in all its hideous glory upon the world sometime in 2021.


Apart from writing, Patrick is quite an accomplished martial artist. He took his first steps into the world of martial arts back in 1989 when he took up the art of Tae-Kwon-Do and quickly progressed up the ranks winning numerous medals and trophies over the years, but his greatest achievement came in 1993 when he earned third place in the All-Ireland championships that earned him the title of number three in the Country. After 12 years of non-stop training, Patrick decided to move on with his journey and dabbled in Kick boxing and Aikido for a while before returning to what he loved best, Tae-Kwon-Do, though his days of training are far and few between these days he still keeps his flexibility and skills sharp by training on his own four to five times a week.


Heavy metal has been a passion for Patrick for over thirty years so much so that he has his own podcast called Evil FM that puts out two shows a week, and he was also once upon a time a heavy metal drummer with Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain his all-time hero, but Patrick isn't done with music yet, he has plans to get back into it and hopefully start gigging again real soon, something he is really looking forward to doing.