Los Angeles the battle ground


Los Angeles, the city of Angels  quite an ironic name for a place where a gateway to Hell lays hidden ready to burst open at any moment unleashing the vile powers of Satan and his minions. Some refer to it as Psycho city which seems more appropriate and as the end of days draws near the effects of the gateway will start to cause havoc as its evil influence will affect those with psychopathic tendencies sending them into a murderous frenzy causing chaos and bloodshed in the streets. Once this gateway opens, an army of millions will spew forth to annihilate the human race, not just in this city, but around the world where the remaining six gates lay hidden. Satan has done his homework and placed these gates at these specific points on the map to give him and his merciless armies the advantage over the humans. If you were to connect the lines of these seven gateways with Los Angeles as the epicenter then those lines would intersect to create a pentagram

Ben Jolson

Ben is the unofficial leader and chief decision maker of the team. Never one to back down from a fight,he let's his fists do the talking while at the same time protecting the others from harm, though they don't need protecting he will never let anything happen to them. At age 26 he and his dear friend Rodger Landon immigrated from Ireland to the United Stated in the hope of starting new lives, they never expected to become embroiled in this fight against Evil, but the fates had other ideas for them. Their destinies were well planned out for them long before they were even born into this world, and it is this twist of fate that brought the four together in the first place. Ben is the hot headed one of the group and it takes very little to fire him up, he loves the thrill of a good fight and it is this trait that the others admire and respect, and is the very reason they depend on him to lead them into battle and make quick decisions while doing so.











Rodger Landon

Rodger, a loyal and dear friend of Ben Jolson, he has always been one that Ben could depend on and confide in over the years. He has a brilliant mind when it comes to computers and electronics which is what he works at doing running his own computer repair shop. Although generally quite and mild mannered Rodger can be fierce when it comes to a fight, which these days seems to be all to often. He would rather walk away from trouble which is why he is the polar opposite of Ben who as we've already discovered let's his fists fly without second thought. Rodger is a valuable part of the team and as you will discover, has saved Ben and the others quite a few times over the years. Rodger holds a secret grudge though, he feels that he is in inferior to Ben when it comes to a crisis the way Ben shows leadership and gives the orders as he leads them into a fight, Rodger wants to be respected and looked up to just like his friend, but what he fails to realize is just how much the others love and respect him and as Ben has said on many occasions "if it wasn't for you Rodge, I wouldn't be standing here right now you saved me back there" he is a hero in the making but just doesn't know it yet

Jackie Fairchild

Sarah Braithwaite

Stephanie The Vampire Queen

Harry Gordon