Poster for Awesome Four Vol. 1
Poster depicting the cover and art work for the Devil and the Awesome Four Volume one with creepy background and text. All yours to download free.
Poster 1.pdf
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Poster for Awesome Four Vol. 2
Creepy poster depicting the artwork and description for the Devil and the Awesome Four Vol. 2 set against creepy background.
Poster 2.pdf
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Darkness my closest friend
The first poem from my Darkness of the Soul poetry book. Set against a Gothic background the words will have an impact on whomever reads it. This piece would make a beautiful poster. This is the first of eight poems set to a Gothic background that helps convey the story.
Poem 1.pdf
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The Dark Heart of Depression
A short poem about my battle with depression and the devastating effect it has on peoples lives.
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The Mask
Another poem abut depression and how hard it is to fake a smile when inside you are crying and screaming in pain, and when you are out with your friends or in society in general you have to put on a false face to hide what's really going on inside you acting all happy and jovial when behind that fake smile your life is in utter turmoil.
Poem 3.pdf
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Darkness of the soul
A little poem about how I used to feel about my life. For a long time I used to think I was cursed from the day I was born. This is a story about those thoughts.
Poem 4.pdf
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There's nothing humane
This poem was inspired by a news segment I saw a few years ago about the war in Iraq and the pain and suffering that the camera captured really resonated with me. The bible tells us to love our fellow man and to respect the precious gift of life, but we continue to slaughter each other and for what? What's so humane about the human race? When we are nothing more than barbaric cretins hell bent on annihilating ourselves. This poem says it all.
Poem 5.pdf
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Cold as the grave
This poem tells the story of how I used to feel when I was struck down with depression. For a long time I couldn't feel anything, no love, no joy, no sadness nothing. Emotions were an alien thing to me, I just couldn't feel a thing hell I couldn't even cry if I wanted to like my heart had been frozen and all my emotions turned to ice. Hence the title of this poem Cold as the grave
Poem 6.pdf
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The black veil
This poem tells another story about depression and suicidal tendencies.
Poem 7.pdf
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Dead to the world
This is the final poem from the first Darkness of the soul book and it tells the story of how I bounced back from the brink of madness and decided to fuck what people think, they can judge me all they want. This poem tells of how I decided to leave my old miserable depressing life behind and start over a new. When I say the lines I am dead to this world, and this world is dead to me, I am referring to the fact that my old life, that world of darkness and misery no longer existed and that I was finally free of the suffering that held me prisoner for so long.
Poem 8.pdf
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