When Ben Jolson and Rodger Landon meet Jackie Fairchild and Sarah Braithwaite on a night out in Los Angeles, little did they realize that their coming together would set in motion a chain of events that will bring about the end of days and unleash Armageddon upon the Earth. They become the guardians of the final gateway to hell, one of seven scattered across the globe and now Satan himself is hunting our heroes down every way he can and sends demon after demon at the four trying to eradicate them so he can rise again and destroy humanity. From a chainsaw wielding lunatic that falls for Satan’s lies and promises of immortality, to a horde of bloodthirsty Female Vampires that are Hell bent on destroying all men and creating a world where women reign supreme, and the vicious Alien being that crash lands during a storm to terrorize the city of Los Angeles.
The Awesome Four intend to go through hell and back to stop these demonic forces right in their tracks! Will they succeed in stopping the destruction of humanity by the devil himself? 
Only time can tell – Follow their adventures and join the fight in The Devil and the Awesome Four Vol. 1 Rise Of The Four New Adult Fiction That Kicks Ass!

Ben, Rodger, Jackie, and Sarah are back for more spills, and chills. The stench of evil hangs in the air, like a foul odor that nauseates, tying your stomach in knots. The blood of the innocent will yet again be spilled upon the streets as Satan sends even more monstrous creations to dispose of our heroes once and for all.
His anger is like a volcano ready to explode, after suffering numerous defeats at the hands of the Awesome Four. He is planning, conniving, and creating even more creatures to do his bidding for the end of days is near, as is his chance to once again rise from the black abyss that we know as Hell that has held him captive for so many centuries. However, they are four people who stand in his way of accomplishing his goal of world domination, and soon they will have allies even they could not have imagined in their own wildest dreams. Help from the most unlikely people that they least expect to join their cause.

So buckle up, and let's rock n' roll on the roller coaster ride of mayhem and chaos that has become the Devil and the Awesome Four. 
The Adventures continue… New Adult Fiction that kicks ass

A collection of short poetry on how I used to view the world and society in general. Written over two days these poems or narration if you like, literally flew onto the pages and the result was Darkness of the Soul. It reflects heavily upon my tortured past and the victimization at the hands of unforgiving ruthless thugs.

Continuing on from the first collections dark theme, these narrative poems show the hate and rage I felt from the constant bullying and beatings I received during my school days, and the damage these thugs inflicted upon me were to scar me for life. This collection refers my feelings of rage and revenge, feelings and thoughts that still stay with me to this very day even though I am now in my forties. God help anyone that tries to victimize me now for the rage that's buried deep within is only lying dormant, like nightmare that's waiting to awaken and destroy.


This collection is the strangest of them all. I have said many times over the years I have always felt as if something attached itself to me the day I was born, something evil and malevolent. This force or whatever it is gave me a rage and a hatred that cannot be described and sometimes it scares the Hell out of me. This series of narrative poems Tells the story of this entity I refer to as my Dark Angel, although this ain't no heavenly Cherub. This thing is filled with a searing anger and when it comes alive within me, I become something I cannot even begin to describe. The closest description is think of David Banner and the Incredible Hulk, although the rage this dark entity possesses makes the Hulk look a wimp in comparison.