This book will be launching in Audiobook format in two weeks time. Watch this space!

Coming soon in Audio book format.

Due for release sometime in 2022. Watch this space for more info.

The end of days is fast approaching and Armageddon will soon begin. Satan is growing more powerful as his chance to escape the confines of Hell and unleash his army of destruction upon the world is drawing ever closer. Ben, Roger, Jackie, and Sarah learn of their importance in this ultimate battle to save humanity from the clutches of evil. An all-powerful force reveals itself to our heroes and vows to help them stop the gateway of doom from opening, but time is fast running out.


Stephanie is now alone after the slayer known as Karak, slaughtered her sisters, and she vows to stand with the Awesome four until the bitter end and avenge the death of her vampire clan, and Cindy Shields the fearless reporter joins our heroes in a bid to get the story of the century and earn her place in the history books. The Awesome Four now become six lone warriors against the terror that will soon rise.